Crouching Tiger, Obliterated Rhino

We all want to know what lies around the next bend, but nobody can read the future. Nobody, that is, except futurolog futuristologists futologistogist fut people who figure out likely scenarios using computer models, statistics, and industrial quantities of marijuana. In the final chapter of my 10% TOTALLY TRUE history book, The Unauthorised History ofContinue reading “Crouching Tiger, Obliterated Rhino”

We have known this man

┬áSomething with a siren was approaching fast, racing down the highway that curls into the top of Cape Town’s city bowl. For a moment I wondered if it was an ambulance, shrilly announcing that someone’s Sunday afternoon had started very badly; but a moment later all was revealed as a cluster of muscular black SUVsContinue reading “We have known this man”