Wimbledon for all seasons

Djokovic and Federer were arguing at the net and it was about to get ugly. The problem was one of identity: both of them wanted to be Federer. “You’re always Federer!” said Djokovic with a disconsolate swish of his oversized racquet. “I want to be Federer!” But Federer was adamant: he was Federer precisely becauseContinue reading “Wimbledon for all seasons”

Driving us crazy

The reports were flooding in: there was snow on Table Mountain. Somewhere up there, under that impenetrable cloud, was a winter wonderland of white powder drifts. Well, if not drifts, then a thick layer, like marzipan on a wedding cake. At the very least a thin layer of marzipan on a wedding cake made ofContinue reading “Driving us crazy”