The fault is in our stars

A misunderstanding was inevitable. The French delegation spoke very little English. The South African politicians who sat across the table spoke a little French but were just at that moment pressing lobster thermidor into their mouths and so their words were muffled. What they did manage to say, however, was that the were offering theContinue reading “The fault is in our stars”

Time to come out of the jungle

Almost exactly 40 years ago, Second Lieutenant Hiroo Onoda was coaxed out of the Philippine jungle, the last Japanese-born soldier still fighting World War 2. He had not been alone. Many Japanese soldiers had fought on after 1945, either refusing to believe that Japan had surrendered or simply never getting the news. Over the yearsContinue reading “Time to come out of the jungle”

Why are white people so angry?

About a year ago I parked my car in a street near my home. When I returned from my errand there was a note under my wipers: “Please don’t park so close.” I was confused. So close to what? There were no other cars along this stretch of pavement. Was there some hidden pavement bailiff,Continue reading “Why are white people so angry?”