Crouching Tiger, Obliterated Rhino

We all want to know what lies around the next bend, but nobody can read the future. Nobody, that is, except futurolog futuristologists futologistogist fut people who figure out likely scenarios using computer models, statistics, and industrial quantities of marijuana. In the final chapter of my 10% TOTALLY TRUE history book, The Unauthorised History ofContinue reading “Crouching Tiger, Obliterated Rhino”

Up a mountain, down a hill

I don’t remember much about my first trip up Table Mountain on the famous cable car, 30 years ago. In fact I’m pretty sure that on the way up I saw only two things: the thighs of adults bunched around me, and scenes from my short life flashing before me as I imagined what wouldContinue reading “Up a mountain, down a hill”

Driving us crazy

The reports were flooding in: there was snow on Table Mountain. Somewhere up there, under that impenetrable cloud, was a winter wonderland of white powder drifts. Well, if not drifts, then a thick layer, like marzipan on a wedding cake. At the very least a thin layer of marzipan on a wedding cake made ofContinue reading “Driving us crazy”