Demons?! Protect the President!

Demons. They’re every secret service agent’s worst nightmare. One minute you’re standing at the president’s side, listening to the football on your earpiece, checking out the maidens in the front row. And the next – boom. The gibbering, leather-winged horde. Beelzebub’s army, getting all up in Number One’s grill. Of course we train for momentsContinue reading “Demons?! Protect the President!”

Going to hell since 1652

Let me apologise. I’m about to use a four-letter word. It’s a word that people have been using far too much lately and it will probably make you sick to hear it again, but I’m afraid I have to, so let’s get it out of the way. Parents, cover your children’s ears because here itContinue reading “Going to hell since 1652”