Gut feel

Two of my friends recently made a spaceship. You didn’t hear about it because they are publicity-shy, but I’ve seen it, and it works. I understand only some of the science, but essentially it looks like most spaceships in pop culture: more or less cylindrical, with a bulbous front bit that houses the command centre,Continue reading “Gut feel”

I want no part of God or Naledi

Homo naledi is a racist plot using pseudo-science to link Africans to subhuman, baboon-like creatures. It sounded mad, and Mathole Motshekga and Zwelinzima Vavi were roundly jeered on social media for expressing it. I joined the chorus, because gigantic ignorance should not be tolerated in our leaders. But I can also understand where such paranoiaContinue reading “I want no part of God or Naledi”