The revolution doesn’t want to succeed

Raoul was a revolutionary. He’d been fighting for almost ten years. That’s how old we all were. Almost ten. He arrived in my primary school class like a Molotov cocktail through the window of a bank. He made it clear that the rules of polite, bourgeois company were not for him. He swore. He smoked.Continue reading “The revolution doesn’t want to succeed”

Still suckers after all these years

It was fitting that the speeches on Freedom Day were delivered by our leaders. The day is a political memorial, remembering a profound political event, and we … Ugh. Sorry. I can’t. Politicians? Talking about freedom? That’s basically like chickens celebrating Safety Day and inviting a family of foxes to do the speeches. And yet,Continue reading “Still suckers after all these years”

Off the pace

The caps are maroon, the accents are lilting, the attitudes laid-back, but don’t be fooled. The team coming to South Africa this summer is not the West Indies. It comes from the Caribbean. It boasts some excellent cricketers – Shivnarine Chanderpaul deserves an ovation at every ground he graces – but the true West Indies,Continue reading “Off the pace”