Banting erotica: low carbs, high sales

When romance novelist Jackie Collins died last month, she left behind some astonishing figures. I could get my head around the fact that she had written 32 novels. I could even imagine what it must be like to have your books translated into 40 languages: it’s pleasing to imagine a punctilious Mandarin translator trying toContinue reading “Banting erotica: low carbs, high sales”

Miss Congeniality: South African fiction

Authors’ incomes collapse to ‘abject’ levels. That’s what the headline on The Guardian said, and I was frantic to know more. Which authors? Was it me? Were my annual royalty cheques of R250 about to plunge to R50? Less? Usually I read like a millenial, which is to say I base my world view onContinue reading “Miss Congeniality: South African fiction”