OMG Jokr, u r so not funny

The last time I saw the Fantastic Four they were in their late 20s, battling both evil and receding hairlines. They were desperate to save the planet because they had a deep respect for all life, but they had other powerful motivations too: they also really wanted to put down a deposit on an apartmentContinue reading “OMG Jokr, u r so not funny”

The end is nigh. I’ll wait for the DVD.

Trust Cape Town to get the Hollywood blockbuster disaster. Asteroids and a tsunami. So predictably mainstream. So tiresomely dramatic. At least South Africa’s other doomed cities are exploring more sophisticated cinematic traditions when it comes to catastrophe. Johannesburg, slowly sinking into polluted sludge, is clearly being influenced by the Japanese Godzilla myth and is startingContinue reading “The end is nigh. I’ll wait for the DVD.”