And on that libtard bombshell…

Some say he’s a rich member of the establishment who fakes his we’re-all-in-this-together persona to boost ratings. Others say he’s a witty bloke who has found an audience that adores his schtick and is comforted by his politics. All we know is, he’s called … unemployed! I go both ways on Jeremy Clarkson. (Ooo! AContinue reading “And on that libtard bombshell…”

Don’t feed the trolls

Canelé are hard to bake. They involve beeswax, caramelisation, custard, and French voodoo. But when you get them right they are small golden ziggurats of deliciousness. Unfortunately for you, you will never get them right because only one man in the world knows how to make a proper canelé. At least, that’s his version ofContinue reading “Don’t feed the trolls”