Crouching Tiger, Obliterated Rhino

We all want to know what lies around the next bend, but nobody can read the future. Nobody, that is, except futurolog futuristologists futologistogist fut people who figure out likely scenarios using computer models, statistics, and industrial quantities of marijuana. In the final chapter of my 10% TOTALLY TRUE history book, The Unauthorised History ofContinue reading “Crouching Tiger, Obliterated Rhino”

The future’s a thing of the past

This is the future. And not just the dawn of the future, but the mid-morning. In fact it’s getting on for the early lunch time of the future. For those of us who grew up in the late-20th century, the pop-culture milestones have all been reached and left behind like the floating corpse of anContinue reading “The future’s a thing of the past”