Banting erotica: low carbs, high sales

When romance novelist Jackie Collins died last month, she left behind some astonishing figures. I could get my head around the fact that she had written 32 novels. I could even imagine what it must be like to have your books translated into 40 languages: it’s pleasing to imagine a punctilious Mandarin translator trying toContinue reading “Banting erotica: low carbs, high sales”

Infinite Grey

Serial book-doer E.L. James has done it again. Grey has hit the shelves with a squelchy thud, and this time the world of not-BDSM, where non-people do not-plot things to and with each other, is told from Christian Grey’s perspective. Cleverly, the book is called Grey, because it’s about Christian Grey but it’s also fromContinue reading “Infinite Grey”