The truth is out there. Or is it in here?

Every day, Facebook asks me questions. Was my mind blown yesterday by that video of the dog cuddling with the duck? No? My mind remains unblown? Then have I considered that I might be depressed? Is it because of that thing in the news two weeks ago that only just reached Facebook today? Am IContinue reading “The truth is out there. Or is it in here?”

Reading between the lions

I don’t have a lot of time. Facebook is coming for me. So I’ll get straight to it. Firstly, I suspect that the dentist has some emotional issues he probably needs to deal with, which makes him identical to 7 billion other people. What makes him different, however, is that we’ve decided that he aloneContinue reading “Reading between the lions”

Fiddling while SA load-sheds

Do lobsters scream when you drop them into boiling water? I can’t say, never having done it myself, but I do know what frogs say when you slowly bring a pot of water to the boil around them: “Stop complaining about Eskom and do something constructive!” Last week our national swamp was in full voice.Continue reading “Fiddling while SA load-sheds”