Time to call things by their name

“Student leader”. That’s what the journalist called Mcebo Dlamini. I reread the paragraph to check if I’d missed a line somewhere, perhaps one in which Dlamini was described as a fantasist who admired Hitler, who called Jews “devils”, who claimed that Wits had head-hunted him to do a “secret” degree in nuclear physics, and whoContinue reading “Time to call things by their name”

Dying for Zuma to leave

You know people who know people who can get things done. Like rigging a roulette table at a casino. You don’t know who or how, and you don’t want to know. Plausible deniability. All you know is that it’s Saturday night, the booze is flowing and you’re winning. Not all the time, of course –Continue reading “Dying for Zuma to leave”

Guests of the Godfather

I’m embarrassed. Not because I didn’t know. Of course I knew. I just didn’t know how much I didn’t know. If you’d asked me if everything that happens in this house was legitimate, I’d have hedged. I’d have told you that I’m just one of a few upstairs house guests, and we don’t get toContinue reading “Guests of the Godfather”

Help yourself, Jacob

Heh heh heh. An ugly sound echoing through the silence of our collective shock. A humourless, dusty wheeze, the kind you expect from a cartoon baddie whose villainy has desiccated him. It seems a cruel sound, a pure expression of power mocking the powerless. It’s tempting to project all kinds of evil onto that sound;Continue reading “Help yourself, Jacob”

The heist to end all heists

The alarms have all been tripped. All of them. This isn’t the familiar, daily smash-and-grab. This is huge. A heist to end all heists. We go to our windows, careful to stay out of sight. It’s still far away, but the first reports are already flickering like sparks from a bulldozed lamppost: they’re working onContinue reading “The heist to end all heists”