History? Herstory? Ourstory? Whosestory?

The Holocaust didn’t happen. Not the way the Jews want us to think it did. Yes, the Nazis killed thousands. But the gas chambers? The ovens? Myths, invented by Zionist propagandists. The young man who told me this wasn’t your average Holocaust denier. For starters he was South African, and studying politics at the UniversityContinue reading “History? Herstory? Ourstory? Whosestory?”

And on that libtard bombshell…

Some say he’s a rich member of the establishment who fakes his we’re-all-in-this-together persona to boost ratings. Others say he’s a witty bloke who has found an audience that adores his schtick and is comforted by his politics. All we know is, he’s called … unemployed! I go both ways on Jeremy Clarkson. (Ooo! AContinue reading “And on that libtard bombshell…”

The Rhodes less travelled

In the centre of Washington DC, the monuments are clustered, white and hard, like teeth in the jawbone of a titan. Pillars, rotundas, plinths, monoliths; all proclaim that this is the Forum of the new Rome. Their uniformity is numbing. White marble quickly begins to wear down any kind of human response. You wander pastContinue reading “The Rhodes less travelled”