Entitlement 101

It was the shortest essay I had ever read, and it went more or less like this: “This book was written by Jane Austen and is about women living in England in the 19th century 18th cen olden days. The themes of Pride and Prejudice are prevalent in this book and…” That was all. IContinue reading “Entitlement 101”

The heist to end all heists

The alarms have all been tripped. All of them. This isn’t the familiar, daily smash-and-grab. This is huge. A heist to end all heists. We go to our windows, careful to stay out of sight. It’s still far away, but the first reports are already flickering like sparks from a bulldozed lamppost: they’re working onContinue reading “The heist to end all heists”

Up into a clear blue sky

The story of leg-spin is a history of Test cricket itself. The great names conjure not only their deeds but their entire eras. In the jerky newsreel footage of the 1930s we find Bill O’Reilly and Clarrie Grimmett bowling in tandem for Australia, a fearful prospect on uncovered pitches; and yet, even as they reachContinue reading “Up into a clear blue sky”

Driving us crazy

The reports were flooding in: there was snow on Table Mountain. Somewhere up there, under that impenetrable cloud, was a winter wonderland of white powder drifts. Well, if not drifts, then a thick layer, like marzipan on a wedding cake. At the very least a thin layer of marzipan on a wedding cake made ofContinue reading “Driving us crazy”