Yesterday the Presidency issued a correction regarding the President’s statement that Africa is the biggest continent.

Please note that we are now correcting that correction, thanks to information arising during the President’s flight to Davos, Switzerland, last night.

Shortly after takeoff the President asked, “Are we there yet?”, prompting the Geography Subcommittee to form a task team to establish if they were indeed there yet.

After extensive research, which involved looking out the window and at the little digital map on the seat back in front of them, they determined that they were not there yet.

The President then opened an ongoing dialogue with the Subcommittee, asking “Are we there yet” at 21h30, 21h,38, 21h42, as well as at 84 further instances through the night, except for a period between 03h15 and 03h35 when he watched an episode of ‘Modern Family’.

At 05h32, when the President asked “Are we there yet?”, and was told that they were not, he asked, “Well then where the hell are we?” The Subcommittee was dispatched to the cockpit to ask the pilot, who confirmed that they were over Tunisia.

This caused the President to redeploy his breakfast yoghurt over the heads of the Subcommittee and to express dismay that it had taken “all night just to reach stupid Tennis Biscuit”. Asked if he meant Tunisia, he redeployed his fruit salad as well.

Following on from this dialogue, the President proposed that Africa was not only the largest continent but was quite probably “bigger than the whole Earth, plus maybe the moon also”.

The Subcommittee has been tasked with researching whether Africa is larger than Earth and the moon, but, in line with last night’s revelations, it is now satisfied that Africa is in fact the largest continent because “it takes soooo loooong to fly over”.



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