Lights! Camera! Writing!


Before the stars and the director…

Before crew, sets and costumes…

Before “Action!”…

There’s the script.

So here’s the deal.

If you’ve got an idea you want to see up in lights, or you’ve got a story that’s itching to become a movie or a TV series, but you don’t know how, I want to show you how.

I’ve been writing screenplays and TV scripts for a while now (see my telly and fillems page for a small sample) and I’ve figured out some basics. Like: don’t kill Jon Snow unless you’ve left yourself fourteen potential different ways to resurrect him because, seriously, how do you just off the one true king of Westeros and – wait, I’m losing my thread here.

Long story short, I’m going to be holding a few one-day seminars in which I’ll be introducing you to screenwriting. Goodies we’ll discuss include:

  • how your idea goes from “OMG wouldn’t it be amazing if” on the back of a napkin to an actual movie or TV show starring actual people who read your words and make you vomit with terror.
  • some pretty important stuff about structure, character and dialogue. (Acts 1-3 have dinosaurs; the dinosaurs are angry because they didn’t get enough hugs when they were babies because their mom was a T-Rex and her arms literally weren’t long enough to hug them; “Run!”)
  • practical realities of how you actually do this (you’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll high-five me)

You will also have a chance to write a short piece and have it discussed in the seminar. Constructive criticism only, I promise.

I’m going to be running these sessions in Johannesburg and Cape Town, on a Saturday (9.30am to 5pm), somewhere festive with coffee and biscuits. And, depending on how obedient you are, lunch.

So. Interested? Ready to start on Page One? Ready to write a screenplay? Of course you are.

If you’d like to join me, or want more information, please mail me at chopperlion at gmail dot com.


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